Foreign drivers: collection of fines for traffic offences (Spain)

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It is important to consider that in Spain a plan is being put in place to track down drivers who are fined in Spain and live in another countries.

But traffic authorities admit payment will be ‘voluntary’ as there is no legal framework for pursuing fines in other countries.  This could happen either because it has been impossible to locate the drivers abroad, or because the authorities never bothered with a fine because the cars had foreign number plates.

Now, Angel Fernandez, Secretary General of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) and Elias Bendodo, President of Malaga Provincial Government, announced that the company Nivi Gestiones España will manage collection of fines for traffic offences committed by drivers who live outside Spain.

Driver databases are made available between countries and this company is in charge of chasing up the offending drivers, getting their details and making sure that fines are issued to them.

They will recive a letter in their own language with access to a site where they can chek the fine and pay it.

Sources: Euroweekly News.

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