What to do after a car accident in Spain

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It is difficult to imagine ourselves involved in a traffic accident, however, it can still happen. In BMI Brokers we want to help you be prepared and show you how to proceed or to know what to do after a car accident in Spain.

You can print this post or keep the direct access to it so, whenever the time comes, you will know what to do after the car accident. The more precautions you take the better for you when you are in this situation.

Steps to know what to do after a car accident

These steps are meant to help you when you are involved in an important car accident. It will always depend how it was caused, where it was or how much damage has been caused either to your car or the passengers.

Examine the possible injuries or damages


The first you should do is to check the damage of your vehicle or whether the passengers have any injuries. If so, then you should call the police on the number 112. Whenever you go out of the car, you should put on a reflective jacket.

Go to a safer place

You should consider what is best for you and the passengers, to stay at the place where the accident has taken place or maybe move to another safer place. Remember that if someone is seriously injured they should not be moved from where they are until the authorities arrive.

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If you can move your car, then try to take it to a safer place. In Spain to take all the passengers out of the car is considered a risk because the can be hit by other drivers. Only the drivers involved in the car accident are the ones that should leave the car.

Once your car is in a safer place, you should put on the hazard warning lights on and then place a warning triangle 50 meters away from your car from the front and from behind.

Document the accident

What you have to do after a car accident and you have out everyone into safety, is to document the event as much as possible. This means taking pictures of your car, of the other cars involved, and also to the number plate of the vehicles from the people who have witnessed the conflict.  You should also take some of their names and telephone numbers

Also make sure you have the following information about the other person involved in the accident:

  • Vehicle’s number plate
  • Model and make of the car
  • Driver’s name
  • Driver’s address
  • Policy number
  • Insurance Company
  • Driver’s license number

Remember to never take responsibility for the accident since your contract with your insurance policy says that you should not admit responsibility or liability.

Also do not forget to ask for the police report since it could be helpful it the accident goes to court.

Complete the “Declaración amistosa de accidente de tu automóvil”

One you have all the needed information, you should complete the “European Accident Agreement Form”. In it you will find two sections for each of the cars involved in the accident. Then, as we have mentioned before, the police will fill in their own report.

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Report the accident to your insurance company

If you follow these steps to know what to do after a car accident in Spain, you should be okay. The next thing you should do is to report the accident to your insurance company or your insurance broker. You have from 5 to 7 days to do so.

Be sure of the coverage that your insurance company provides you and of the different possibilities you have available for you.

What to do after a minor car accident


We hope that you do not get involved in any kind of accident. However, we know that it is important for you to be responsible and know what to do after a car accident. Sometimes, if there is any injured passenger, you will not need to call the police.

In this case, you should make an accident report filling the document we had mentioned before, the “Declaración amistosa de accidente de tu automóvil”. If the other party is reluctant to do so, then you should call the police to ask for help.

Documents you should take with you in your car

Once you have bought a car in Spain, there are certain compulsory documents that you should keep in your car. These documents serve as identification of your vehicle and also will help you to know what to do after a car accident.

  • You need to always carry with you your driving license
  • The registration certificate: it is issued by the EU and it has all the information about the car and the owner.
  • ITV card next to the circular sticker: the ITV is a test that states that your car is good conditions to drive. You should take with you the card and also stick in the upper right part of the windshield.
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Choose the right insurance company

Are you searching for the right car insurance in Spain for you? Having the right coverage will prevent you from possible surprises when compensating an accident. In BMI Brokers, insurance broker, we can help you to find the perfect insurance for you.

When choosing one, there are these possibilities: third party cover or the fully comprehensive cover. To know more about the different insurances and what do they cover, you can visit our page for car insurance in Spain.

In BMI Brokers we can help you to find the best insurance company to help you when involved in a car accident. Do not hesitate and get in contact with us.