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Types Car insurance in Spain and some additional extras

There are various types of car insurance in Spain available and the purpose of this text is to go through some of the differences.

Whilst we all want to pay a low price for our car insurance in Spain make sure it includes what you would expect. You only find out if your insurance is any good when you make a claim.

In Spain there is a legal requirement to insure your vehicle. Whilst a basic policy may allow you to circulate on the road it probably won’t offer you the cover most people would want from an insurance policy.

Third Party (Basic)

This is the legal minimum required in Spain. With this type of cover you are insured if you damage another person’s vehicle, for example. In simple terms, if there is a claim and it is deemed your fault the insurance company will pay out. The other driver will have their vehicle repaired.  However, any damage to your vehicle will have to be paid by you.

This type of policy only covers third party damage. Whilst it is the cheapest type of policy it could leave you with a large repair bill.

A basic third party policy will also not cover your vehicle in the event of theft or damage by fire.

Third Party Fire and Theft

This level of car insurance in Spain provides the legal minimum of third party insurance. In addition, you have the added benefit that if the vehicle is destroyed by fire or stolen that you are covered.

Third party, fire, theft and total loss

One more step up and you can also include total loss cover. This is not fully comprehensive cover. The difference here is that the additional of total loss cover on top of the third party protections explained before. In the event of the insurer declaring the vehicle a write-off (not worth repairing) then they will pay out an agreed sum to the policy holder. However, if you damage the vehicle but it is not a total loss then you will have to pay to repair the damage.

Fully Comprehensive

If your car is new or fairly new, then you will probably want to consider fully comprehensive car insurance in Spain. Not only do these policies cover your obligations in respect of damage to others it also includes protection for your own damage. So even if an accident is deemed your fault you will have a level of protection for your vehicle.If for example, you drove into the back of another car then it will almost certainly be deemed your mistake. As a result, your insurance company will liaise with the other person’s company to repair their vehicle. In addition, your insurance company will organise the repair of your vehicle.  All you have to do is pay the excess. This the amount you pay to repair your vehicle before the insurance company pays. If the damage to your car is less than this amount, then it will not be worth making a claim and you can pay for the repair. If, however, it the repair bill is higher than the excess then the insurance company will pay the difference.The level of excess is agreed by you with the broker at the outset. For a new car it is possible to ask for an excess of zero. The insurance company would then pay all the cost of the damage, even if the accident was your fault. However, in order to reduce the price of car insurance in Spain most people opt for an excess of between 100 and 300 euros. Clearly the higher the amount of excess the lower the premium.

Car Insurance Spain FAQs

How can I obtain a car insurance quote?

You can easily obtain a car insurance quote by filling out an online form. This process is obligation-free and provides you with a price estimate for your vehicle. Click on the provided link to access the online form.

Is car insurance mandatory in Spain?

Yes, car insurance is a legal requirement in Spain. The minimum coverage required is third-party insurance. Failure to have insurance can lead to financial penalties. If you drive uninsured, you’re personally liable for damages to other individuals and vehicles. If caught driving without insurance, you may face fines and vehicle impoundment.

Is car insurance expensive in Spain?

The cost of car insurance in Spain varies based on factors such as coverage and features. While you must have at least third-party insurance, the price increases with additional features. Newer vehicles often opt for fully comprehensive coverage, while older ones may choose third-party fire and theft coverage.

Can I pay for my car insurance in installments?

Yes, you can choose to pay for your car insurance in installments. However, keep in mind that an insurance contract typically spans 12 months, and you’re legally obligated to fulfill all installments for the annual premium. If you switch providers, you’ll need to pay the full annual premium before making the switch.

What type of car insurance should I consider?

The type of car insurance you choose depends on your vehicle’s age and your preferences. Newer cars may benefit from fully comprehensive insurance, while older vehicles might be suitable for third-party fire and theft coverage. Consider the premium costs in relation to potential compensation in case of vehicle write-off.

Can I use my no-claims bonus from another country in Spain?

Yes, many insurers in Spain may accept your no-claims bonus from an EU country or other eligible countries.

Can I insure a UK-registered car in Spain?

Yes, it’s possible to insure a UK-registered car in Spain. You may also want to explore information about importing a car to Spain.

Does the distance I drive affect the insurance price?

Yes, the estimated annual mileage you provide can influence the insurance premium.

Will my insurance be cheaper if I keep the car in a garage?

Some insurers offer discounts if your vehicle is kept in a garage overnight. However, leaving your car outside could potentially affect claims if it gets stolen. The premium discount for garage storage is usually minimal.

Does my policy cover driving in other countries?

Yes, most policies cover driving throughout the European Union and the European Economic Area (EEA). For the UK, additional requirements like a Green Card might be necessary after Brexit.

Can I insure a young driver?

Yes, it’s possible to insure a young driver, but the premium is typically higher. Often, young drivers are added as named drivers to their parents’ policies.

Can I add a driver to my policy if I have family visiting?

In Spain, the vehicle is insured rather than specific drivers. If your visitor meets the insurer’s criteria, there’s no need to add them to the policy.

Is breakdown cover included in the policy?

Most Spanish insurance policies include some form of breakdown cover. The level of coverage can vary, so ensure you have the desired level of protection.

Can I get coverage for my windshield?

Yes, many Spanish insurance companies provide protection for your windshield, often coordinating repairs or replacements with auto glass companies.

Can I get a policy with a courtesy car?

Yes, some insurers offer a courtesy car after an accident or during repairs. Check with the insurer for specific details.

How do I renew my car insurance?

Car insurance in Spain is usually automatically renewable, unless either party gives written notice. Simply ensure the premium is paid to renew.

How can I make changes to my policy?

Contact your agent, broker, or insurance company to make changes. Adjustments may lead to additional costs based on the remaining insurance contract period.

How do I cancel my insurance?

Both the insurer and the customer are committed to a 12-month car insurance contract. If you want to cancel, provide written notice and the required documentation, such as NIE/DNI or passport.

What is the minimum legal coverage required for car insurance in Spain?

The minimum legal coverage you must have is third-party protection.

Can I use my Spanish insurance to drive another car in another country?

No, Spanish car insurance typically covers the insured vehicle, not the driver. It does not extend benefits to other vehicles in Spain or elsewhere.

How do I pay road tax in Spain?

You can pay road tax through the local town hall where your car is registered. Setting up a direct debit from your Spanish bank account is recommended to avoid forgetting.

What type of coverage can I get with my car insurance in Spain?


Compulsory and voluntary third party protection, Travel Assistance km. 0, Legal Defence, Traffic Fines and third party claims for damages.

Basic + Windows

Compulsory and voluntary third party protection, Travel Assistance km. 0, Legal Defence,  Traffic Fines, third party claims for damages and Broken Windows.

Basic + Windows + Thef + Fire

Compulsory and voluntary third party protection, Travel Assistance km. 0, Legal Defence,  Traffic Fines, third party claims for damages,  Broken Windows, theft of the insured vehicle and fire.

Fuly Comprehensive with an excess

Compulsory and voluntary third party protection, Travel Assistance km. 0, Legal Defence, Traffic Fines, third party claims for damages,  Broken Windows, theft of the insured vehicle, fire and own damage to vehicle less your chosen excess.

Fuly Comprehensive

Compulsory and voluntary third party protection, Travel Assistance km. 0, Legal Defence and Traffic Fines, Claim for Damages and Broken Windows, theft of the insured vehicle, fire and own damage to vehicle with no excess.

Car Insurance in Spain

Why choose our insurance brokerage?


We work with the best insurance brands on the market.


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We have a claims department to offer you services in the event of any incident, without you having to worry about anything.

Accident and breakdown assistance, windscreen protection and courtesy cars.

These days a lot of insurance companies include these services as standard. However, not all insurance companies do. If they are included, we do not recommend removing them and if they are not we suggest you ask for them to be included.

It is illegal to tow a car in Spain. Therefore, if you do not have accident or breakdown recovery you will have to pay. The tow truck may drive you first to the cash machine before taking you to your destination or the garage to ensure payment.

If a stone hits your windscreen, then your visibility may be effected or the crack may gradually get worse. If it is included in your insurance you can usually make an appointment or possibly roll up to a specialist windscreen replacement centre, such as Carglass. They will repair or replace your windscreen and organise with the insurance company directly to receive payment.

We are all reliant on our vehicles to get to work, to take the children to school or to do the weekly big shop.  If it is going to be in the garage for a number of days whilst it is being repaired, then if you don’t have a courtesy car you will have to rent one.  In some tourist areas this can be difficult in the summer and also very expensive.

Car Insurance in Spain

Car Insurance in Spain

In BMI we know all the concerns that you might have when looking at the different car insurance quotes in Spain and our goal is to ease your worries.

There are so many companies and so many products, that the best thing to do is to trust in an intermediary company, like BMI, who will make the policy that best fits your needs. We will considerate your priorities in order to provide you the most suitable car insurance in Spain for you.

BMI Brokers – we help you with your expat car insurance in Spain

In BMI we give our personal attention to those who are looking for expat car insurance in Spain. These are some of the advantages you will with us:

Professional specialists

We only work with the best professionals in their field.

After-sales service

BMI will give you all the assistance you need during the contract term.

Personalised policy

A personalised policy to fit at bests all your needs.


Our experience of more than 30 years in the industry is our best guarantee of quality.

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