Health insurance for foreigners in Spain

At the time applying for Residents permit or visa it is essential that you have health insurance in place.

It is important that the health insurance complies with the minimum requirements.

The regulations state the when a foreigner decides to live in Spain for more than 90 days, they will have to comply with rules to formalise their stay. There are two different situations:

In both of these cases the law in Spain stipulates that the applicant must have health insurance to obtain the document being applied for:

The requirements the health insurance policy must have in these cases:

It must have same benefits as the National Health Service system, without needing any contribution from the insured (copayment) and with repatriation cover.

  • The insurance without copayment doesn´t have limitations. The premium is usually higher but during the term of the policy the insured has nothing else to pay.
  • The repatriation cover guarantees the transfer of the deceased to the place from which the come from, including the transfer procedures, transfer to the nearest airport in the place of origin and then on to the burial ceremony or cremation.

Spain has a range of companies that offer health insurance specifically designed for foreigners and therefore can provide a solution for a residency application.

BMI can assess and help you make the correct choice from the best insurance companies in order to cover all your needs in the most optimal way possible.