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Electric skate / bike included in your home insurance in Spain

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Due to the increase of the use of electrical skates and bikes in all over our cities and due that there is no a clear regulation in Spain, at the moment, some Town Halls (Benidorm could be an example),   require to take out a Public Liability insurance.

To anticipate this situation, some Insurance Companies have included the option to add this guarantee under the home insurance policy for your property in Spain, for the policyholder and the family unit  living in the same address.   The cover includes the Public liability insurance and also the legal protection in order to provide the maximum protection to their clients.

It depends on the kind of vehicle and the amount insured (150.000€ /300.000E) the extra cost will be approximately 20€ per year.

However, it is also possible to get an independent policy, with higher covers. In the case of bicycles (electric or not) even is  possible insure them for thief outside home, road assistance, rescue, etc.

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