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Electric scooter insurance

The electric scooter is becoming a fashionable vehicle, and the truth is that every day there is more people that decide to use this kind of motorcycle so they contract an Electric Scooter Insurance which covers every possible damage.

This increase in the sales of electric scooters has caused insurance companies to develop Electric Scooter Insurance that can cover more specific damages such as the theft of the cable to charge the bike.

The thing is if you want to drive a vehicle on Spanish roads, it should be covered by liability insurance, so this includes the electric scooter. It is recommended to take an Electric Scooter Insurance to avoid any problems that may arise.


The coverage of the damages by Electric Scooter Insurance always depends on each person’s requirements.

What can an Electric Scooter Insurance cover? These are some of the damages that a Electric Scooter Insurance may cover:

  • Driver assistance
  • Legal defense
  • Property damage
  • Damage to third parties
  • Theft
  • Fire

We offer the following damages that an Electric Scooter Insurance may cover:

  • Civil liability for material or personal damages in case of accidents.
  • Legal protection cover.
  • Worldwide cover (Optional).