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What happens if one of our family in Spain passes away?

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We live in a wonderful country with fantatsic weather and an enviable lifestyle, which means we normally give little thought to what happens if one of our family in Spain passes away.

Would you know what to do? Who do you advise? What is the legal procedure? What if the recently deceased wanted to be returned to their native country for burial?

These are all questions we should give some thought to before something happens.

During a traumatic time, not knowing the answers to the above questions will only add to the distress and frustration at a time when it would be most unwelcome.

It is not just a case of writing a Spanish will. Although that is very important. You should make someone aware of what you would like to happen to you should you pass away.

Funerals are organised very quickly in Spain, typically 24 to 48 hours leaving little time to organise everything. If the deceased had wanted to be returned to their native country then organising transport to that country is going to be complicated and expensive, unless it has been planned for.

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When someone dies a doctor is called to confirm the death and issue the death certificate. From then you are normally put in touch with local funeral directors. How much does a funeral cost? Do you know what this process involves? What is your grasp of the local language like? Will they understand and respect the wishes of the deceased? Do you know what you will be asked to sign?

If the answer is any of these questions is “I don’t know” then please read on.

You might want to consider putting in place arrangements that will avoid all of the potential problems of having to make quick decisions, in a foreign language at a highly emotional time by making arrangements now.

There are generally two ways you can organise profesional help now for these difficult times of life that face us all in the future.

It is possible to organise funeral arrangements now that fit with your family’s particular requirements. One way is to make a monthly payment to a company that will take care of these funeral arrangements and the costs for you if you pass-away.

The alternative is to decide make a one off payment to a Company that will take care of your funeral in due course, fixing the Price now.

The advantage of the monthly payment option is that you don’t pay for the full funeral cost up front. The payments are revised from time to time to take into account your age so they will increase as the years go by. You have the flexibility to change the company providing the service if you feel the premiums are too expensive or the cover is no longer appropriate.

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The benefit of paying a one off amount is that you do not have to worry about an increase in premiums as you get older, or an increase of costs of a funeral.

With a 24 hour contact number, in a language you understand you can feel comfortable that at such a delicate time someone who does speak the local language will be there to help you through.

These types of policy include a variety of options including the following:

  • No medical
  • Up to 8 people on the same policy
  • Mortuary expenses
  • Funeral arranagements
  • Repatriation if included in the policy

If you would like to discuss either or both of these products further please contact us at our Mijas or Marbella office.