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When the community has a policy. Do I need home insurance in Spain?

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A community policy in Spain is designed to protect the property of the community.

That is the overall building structure and communal areas. However, it does not usually cover your own windows and doors, nor your contents such as clothes and electronic goods, or the kitchen, as examples.

Therefore, your contents will not be covered by a community policy.

Furthermore, if there is a leak from a pipe in your property, that subsequently damages the property below for example, then you are most likely liable to pay for any damage done to your property and your neighbours.

The community policy will cover communal pipes and pipes in communal areas, but it will not cover damage caused from broken pipes within your home. They are your responsibility.

As a result we would recommend that as a minimum you take out a first loss home insurance policy in Spain to protect you in such cases as well as contents cover.

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