The insurance that covers coronavirus disease in Spain

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The covid-19, also known as coronavirus, has caused a worldwide health crisis which is a cause for concern for many. Having a good insurance that includes the coronavirus disease in Spain is nowadays essential.

But, in order for you not to stop travelling to Spain due to fear of getting infected with Covid-19, BMI Brokers has the perfect solution for you and your family to travel safely during your holiday in Spain with complete tranquillity.

Continue reading to find out about our insurance that includes the coronavirus disease in Spain and the coverage you can count on during your holiday in Spain.

Travel safely to Spain with BMI brokers travel insurance

We are aware that the governments of some countries have banned travel to certain places because they are areas with a high risk of Covid -19, among them, Spain is one of the most prominent countries.

For this reason many private insurance companies, for those who travel abroad, have excluded from their travel assistance policies the coverage of the Covid-19 as well as all contingencies that may arise.

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However, BMI Brokers has the solution, since our policy is aimed at those people who intend to travel to Spain as a tourist and want to enjoy good medical care, also including the Covid-19 in the policy. You can request this policy with your NIE or passport number. 

In addition, tourists or visitors who take out this insurance that includes coronavirus in their coverage, can count on coverage for a few days if they decide to move around the Schengen area.

What coverage will you have with our insurance to travel in Spain?

Next, we tell you about the coverage you will have when contracting our insurance that includes the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) to travel around Spain. 

Medical and health care in Spain

An expert team will be at your disposal in case you need medical and health care in Spain, such as for a broken bone, a surgical operation, or if you need a medical specialist…among others.

During a trip you never know what might happen, that’s why it’s vital to be able to count on absolute peace of mind that if something happens your health insurance will cover it, and in this way feel protected against any circumstances that might affect your state of health.

Furthermore, given the situation in which we find ourselves today because of the Covid-19, our insurance includes coverage for coronavirus, so that you can travel with complete peace of mind and receive medical assistance always.

 Medicalized repatriation or transportation of injured or ill people

With our medical insurance you can be guaranteed to be transported to your home country in case of damage or illness during the trip.

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You can avoid a lot of headaches to you and your family if you take out the appropriate travel insurance that includes the Covid-19, or any other contingency.

Repatriation or transport of the other insured parties


If something happens to you, you don’t have to worry about the rest of your family members travelling with you, as our insurance will take care of transporting them back home.

Repatriation or transport children

Likewise, if you have to be repatriated due to illness or accident and you are travelling with minors, with no other adults to leave them in charge, we will arrange for the transfer of any minor under the age of 15 to your home country with the person you designate.

Transport of a relative in the event of hospitalisation

In case of hospitalisation for a period of more than 10 days, our insurance will take care of the transfer of the person you designate to the place where you are, including hospitalisation by Covid-19.

Convalescence in hotel in Spain

Our insurance will take care of all the necessary expenses so that in case you cannot travel back to your country of origin due to a medical recommendation because you are injured or ill, you can recover in a hotel with maximum peace of mind.

Repatriation or transportation of a deceased Insured

As in the case of illness or accident, our insurance covers repatriation due to death, including Covid-19

Early return due to death of a relative

Our travel insurance policy will help you to return early in the event of the death of a relative.

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Early return due to hospitalisation of a relative

Our travel insurance policy will help you if one of your relatives is hospitalised and you need to interrupt your trip to return and be with your relative.

Search, location and sending missing luggage missing in Spain

In the event of loss of luggage on a scheduled flight, the insurance company will try to find your luggage and will keep you informed about the progress. In case your luggage is found, it will be sent to you at not extra cost.


Delay in the delivery of checked luggage in Spain

In case you need it, the travel insurance policy will cover the cost of purchasing any essential items if the delivery of your luggage is delayed by 12 hours or more.

As you may have noticed, visiting Spain should not be a problem, since our insurance covers the coronavirus disease in Spain and any other contingency that may arise during the trip.

At BMI Spain , we have the perfect travel insurance for you, so that you don’t have to worry about anything in this time of health crisis.

Do not hesitate in contact with us if you have any doubts, our BMI Spain team will be pleasant to help you.