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Driving in Spain- Expats

Road safety and general administrative procedures for vehicles, vehicle use and monitoring comes under the responsibility of various authorities, including local councils and state administration, through the traffic directorate general [Dirección General de Tráfico or DGT]. The autonomous communities are also responsible for matters such as vehicle technical inspection(ITV).

In all cases, to drive a vehicle in Spain you need to obtain the appropriate administrative paperwork (permits and licences) authorising you to drive a particular type of vehicle for a certain length of time.

When that period expires, you will need to renew your documentation.


Uk registered cars in Spain – insurance

Some foreign cars such as those from the use can be insured in Spain.

However, it is important to take into account that if you want to drive the car from your home country here in Spain for more than six months and you are a resident, then you are obliged by law to change the registration plate to a Spanish one.

If the vehicle has been in Spain for less than 6 months you can drive in Spain if you have the necessary agreement from your own country.

If after six months, the police detect that you still have not hanged the registration plate, you can be fined.


Foreign drivers: collection of fines for traffic offences (Spain)

It is important to consider that in Spain a plan is being put in place to track down drivers who are fined in Spain and live in another countries.

But traffic authorities admit payment will be ‘voluntary’ as there is no legal framework for pursuing fines in other countries.  This could happen either because it has been impossible to locate the drivers abroad, or because the authorities never bothered with a fine because the cars had foreign number plates.

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