Understanding Private Health Insurance in Spain

Understanding Private Health Insurance in Spain

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Many people have already seen the significant benefits of taking out private health Insurance in Spain. It is said that nearly 25% of Spanish residents have a health policy of one kind or another. Whilst the Spanish public system may be the envy of some other countries, it continues to come under constant pressure, and perhaps more so now since the pandemic.

Advantages of Private Health Insurance in Spain

Private health insurance offers several advantages that make it an attractive option for individuals and families seeking quality healthcare services.

One significant advantage is shorter waiting times for medical procedures and consultations compared to the public healthcare system. With private health insurance in Spain, individuals and their families can access healthcare services promptly, leading to faster diagnosis and treatment.

Another key benefit is the availability of private rooms in hospitals, providing patients with a more comfortable and personalised healthcare experience. This contributes to a higher standard of care and enhanced privacy during hospital stays.

There is a wide range of policies available and some have the ability to purchase add-on services to tailor make your private health insurance in Spain to your requirements. 

Types of private health insurance in Spain

Health Insurance Spain with or without Copayments:

You can purchase a product with or without a co-payment. A co-payment is like an excess or deductible that the client agrees to pay each time they use a service. Generally the higher the excess or deductible the lower the annual premium.

Health insurance Spain reimbursement policies:

This type of policy often enables you to access private medical services and claim up to an agreed percentage of the costs back from your insurance company. You choose a private doctor, clinic or hospital that you prefer. You are not tied to the usual network of medical professionals offered by the insurance company. This gives you the flexibility to choose where you are treated and by whom.

Health insurance Spain Worldwide cover: 

Some policies have an element of emergency worldwide cover. However, it is possible to contract a reimbursement policy or add-on that gives you added peace of mind when you are outside of Spain. This type of policy often enables you to access private medical services throughout the world and claim back up to an agreed percentage of the costs back from your insurance company. It also may allow you to choose a doctor, clinic or hospital outside of the insurer’s network within Spain and claim an agreed amount back as well.

Health Insurance Spain Senior Plans: 

This type of health insurance is for older clients who may struggle to obtain health insurance in Spain otherwise. The actual cover available will depend on the provider but could include: primary care and some diagnostic tests. 

Health Insurance Spain Basic Plans: 

These plans will often cover primary consultations, simple diagnostic tests, and a limited number of surgical procedures.  

Health Insurance Spain non-lucrative, golden and Digital Nomad visas

Whilst you can see, there is a wide range of possible health insurance options in Spain you must make sure you purchase the correct one if applying for a Spanish visa. If you do not then you may find your visa application declined. This could be a costly mistake if you other visa paperwork then runs out of date whilst you try to correct the situation.

Speak to an independent broker like BMI Brokers, with many years’ experience, to make sure you get the appropriate product for your visa application, at a competitive price.

Other services that may be available depending on the provider

The services below may be included in your health insurance or they could be available as an add-on to the health policy.


Some policies will include an element of dental cover. Others may allow you to purchase it as an add-on. Depending on the company and the premium, some services will automatically be covered under the dental cover and others will have an excess or deductible.

Worldwide emergency cover:

Some health insurance include an element of emergency cover whilst travelling outside Spain. This is usually up to a fixed sum of money and for trips limited to say 60 days or as much as 120 days in some cases. This type of cover is as it says emergencies only and whilst having it is an added comfort, the cover does not replace the need for travel insurance.

Repatriation cover:

This type of cover will be of benefit to those people who would like their remains returned to their country of origin. It is sometimes contracted by people seeking a Spanish visa as some Spanish Consulates insist on you having repatriation cover.

Some policies will also include it for clients who pass away whilst outside of Spain but would wish to have their remains returned to Spain.