If you want to rent your apartment and guarantee the monthly payments of the tenants, this is your best option. Forget the possible problems because our lawyers will help you to defend your rights as owner.


  • Legal defence and claims regarding the lease .
  • Defence in respect of other insurances .
  • Defence in respect of criminal liability .
  • Claims for extracontractual damages .
  • Claims regarding repair or maintenance contracts .
  • Defence of rights relating to the home or premises .
  • Legal Assistance Help Line  service.
  • Non-payment of rent 6, 9, 12,15 and 18 up to 12 months of rent.
  • Paymet of utility bills Up to 150€.
  • Loss of rent as a result of fire máx. 6.000€ and up to 12 months of rent.
  • Vandalism directed at the premises.
  • Vandalism directed at the content.