Pet insurance

Pet insurance is very useful, since there are many advantages to resolve the problems that can occur when having a pet. Take care of your little friend and make sure they always have the best coverage for any type of accident.

If you are coming to Spain and need a reliable pet insurance for expats, BMI Brokers will help you to compare the different pet insurances and finding the best. We take into consideration your needs and also those of your friend to give you the most suitable quote.

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Why taking pet insurance for expats in Spain?

Our pets are just one more part of our family. If each of you has a health insurance, why shouldn’t they? They are also susceptible to illnesses, possible accidents or health problems.

In order to prevent you and your pet from potential problems in the future, we recommend you taking a pet insurance. An unsuspected vet bill can truly affect the way you take care of your animal companion.

Types of pet insurance

This also depends on the insurance company you choose, but mostly have these two types of different pet insurances.

  • Accident only: this is the simplest insurance and it will cover the vet bills of your pet when injured in an accident.
  • Accident and illness: They will provide you with enough money to cover your pet’s illnesses or treatments after an accident. Perfect for animals with chronic or recurrent diseases.

BMI Brokers: compare and find the best pet insurance

In BMI Brokers we help you to find the most appropriated pet insurance for expats in Spain. Through a comparison of the best pet insurance companies, we can provide you with the coverage and quote you were looking for.

We take into consideration multiple factors like how many pets are needed to include in the insurance, the budget available or how much you need the insurance to cover.

Coverages of your pet insurance for expats in Spain

Depending on the insurance and quote you choose, these are some of the coverages that you will be able to find thanks to BMI Brokers:

  • Veterinary assistance expenses due to illness.
  • Civil liability.
  • Extension veterinary assistance due to an accident.
  • Accidental death.
  • Veterinary assistance due to an accident.
  • Theft with violence.
  • Loss of the animal.
  • Stay at a kennels/cattery due to hospitalisation of owner.
  • Veterinary assistance due to illness.
  • Death due to illness.
  • Civil Liability.