Get your quote for Home Insurance

Home insurance covers the damages caused to your home and the contents inside  for any inconvenience.

You can cover both the damage for the home itself and the happened to a third party.

The house is insured by building (walls and fixed installations) and contents (furniture, electrical equipment, appliances….) and civil liability.


Internal or external explosion, smoke damage.

Electric phenomena
Short-circuits, overloads and lightning inductions, damage to installations and electrical appliances.

Water damage
Water spillage, leaks, overflows, burst pipes, non-catastrophic flooding and failure to turn off taps.

Lightning, wind, hail, snow and rain.

Falling aircraft, collision involving vehicles or animals and sonic waves.

Glass, marble surfaces, such as kitchen  worktops, sinks, basins, toilet bowls and ceramic hobs.

Theft, pillage, robbery and  mugging outside the home.

Domestic Emergencies
Plumbing, electricity, security, lock smith, TV and video.

Complementary coverage
Food in refrigerator, temporary transfer or rent of temporary housing, travel and journeys, replacement documents.

Fire brigade, clearance, salvage, temporary accommodation, replacement of documents, cleaning, locating conduits and deposits, fitting glass, marble, bathroom units and vitroceramic hobs, surveying of extraordinary losses, intervention by architect and technical architect.

Public liability
Real estate, private, family, head of family and owner of animals. Damage from water leaks.

Legal protection and advice
Claims for: damages to insured goods, nuisance for smoke or gas, faulty services, easement disputes, breach of contract on domestic goods.
Conflicts with: owners’ associations, rental contract. Defense: as member of the board of the owners’ association, claims by domestic service.

* The coverage may vary depending on what company is chosen.