Community Insurances

In a community, the neighbors are sometimes exposed to uncertainty situations that are forced to assume a series of expenses resulting from damages caused by water, fire, smoke, electricity, among others.

Sometimes for some people assuming the costs of unexpected damages can be a reason for arguments between neighbors, that is why it is so important to have community insurance that covers all types of injuries.

Each Community of Properties is different, and apart from the mandate imposed by some Autonomous Communities about the contract of an obligatory Community Insurance, not every Community it’s equal so the Community Insurance will depend of the characteristics.

To avoid large expenses for individual owners (large spills) and problems in a community, it is ideal to remove community insurance to cover all these situations.

At BMI Spain, we work to help you find the best Community Insurance to fit your and your neighbors requirements.


The coverage of the damages by Community Insurance will depend on the policy you remove.

Here is a list of the damages that a Community Insurance may cover:

  • Fire, explosion and lightning.
  • Malicious actions or vandalism.
  • Electrical damage.
  • Risk due to natural events.
  • Damage to underground pipes.
  • Fire fight costs
  • Community assistance.
  • Pest control, fumigation, disinfection services.
  • Technical inspection of buildings, telephonic advice.
  • Legal protection.
  • Public liability and bonds.
  • Breakage of Community Glass.
  • Community water damage.
  • Unblocking community pipes.
  • Public Liability for Damage from Community Water Pipes.
  • Aesthetic restoration.
  • Theft with violence, robbery, larceny and damage.