Community Insurances

In a community, the neighbours are sometimes forced to assume a series of expenses resulting from damages caused by water, fire, smoke, electricity, among others.

To avoid large expenses for the individual owners (high spills) and problems in a community, the ideal thing is to contract a community insurance that covers all these situations.


  • Fire, explosion and lightning.
  • Malicious actions or vandalism.
  • Electrical damage.
  • Risk due to natural events.
  • Damage to underground pipes.
  • Fire fight costs
  • Community assistance.
  • Pest control, fumigation, disinfection services.
  • Technical inspection of buildings, telephonic advice.
  • Legal protection.
  • Public liability and bonds.
  • Breakage of Community Glass.
  • Community water damage.
  • Unblocking community pipes.
  • Public Liability for Damage from Community Water Pipes.
  • Aesthetic restoration.
  • Theft with violence, robbery, larceny and damage.