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Life Cover, is that not expensive?

One thing is definite but it is something we do not like to think about or discuss with our loved ones and that is our inevitable passing away. It is difficult, who wants to bring this sort of matter up at the dinner table? Whilst it is very difficult think about the following:

How many days are you covered for hospitalization in your private health insurance?

Prolonged hospitalization constitutes a grave concern worldwide because it generates negative effects on the health system such as, for example: increase in costs, deficient accessibility to hospitalization services, overload of emergency services, and the risk of adverse effects The causal agents of extended hospitalizations found with higher frequency are: delay in the performance of surgical […]

Spanish residency and Brexit

Should I organise my Spanish residency before the 29 march 2019? The 29th March 2019 is fast approaching and yet things are still not clear regarding Brexit and the status of UK residents in Spain. The UK Government and the EU have a draft deal in place called the Withdrawal Agreement. If the UK leaves […]