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What to do if your car is stolen: complete guide

One of the biggest fears that owners of a vehicle have is that it will be stolen. Nowadays it is possible that the car can be taken from anywhere, not only from streets with bad reputation or unknown. For this reason, at BMI Spain we tell you what to do if your car is stolen. […]

How to report a crime in Spain

Unfortunately, every day many people are victims of crimes such as theft, robbery, or fraud or even others that can lead to the loss of life. When you have been a victim, a witness or may have valuable information about a criminal offense it is very important to report it to law enforcement. In this […]

The best cities to live in Spain for expats

Spain has thousands of reasons why you should move there. Its quality of life concerning expatriates is outstanding when it comes to family and customs. However, before diving into Spanish culture, first you should know which one is the best city to live in Spain for expats. Choosing among the best cities to live in […]