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6 reasons to take out insurance using a broker

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At BMI Brokers (Mijas-Marbella), we are professional and qualified insurance brokers who collaborate with insurance companies in contracting policies. Taking out a policy with our assistance offers you many benefits, including:

  • RECEIVING TAILORED ADVICE: A broker can assist you in choosing the most suitable option for your needs. Their level of knowledge of the law guarantees professionalism.
  • POST-SALES SERVICE: The broker assists their clients on a continual basis, not only in the formalities in taking out a policy, but also during the term of the contract. They assist in claims handling, speeding up and providing timely information on the steps to follow in order to process them correctly.
  • CLIENT REPRESENTATION VIS-À-VIS THE INSURANCE COMPANY: The Broker Act empowers brokers to represent their clients and to defend their interest vis-à-vis.
  • PERSONAL AND HUMAN CONTACT: In a world increasingly dominated by the coldness of automated operators and the Internet.
  • FREE SERVICE FOR THE INSURED: Brokers receive their commission directly from insurance companies, and hence at no cost to the client.
  • SCOPE OF OFFER: Due to the volume of policies contracted with insurance companies, they offer discounts and special offers that the client can benefit from.
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